🌈 Day 5, Saturday 20 August 🌱

We look forward to meeting you again today from 12:00 CET at the HKW for the exhibition “Moving Spaces” 💥

4 thematic screenings will take place during the rest of the day from 15:00 CET 🌟

⚡ 12:00 CET: Exhibition “Moving Spaces”, in the presence of Niklas Goldbach

⚡ 15:00 CET: The invisible part, in the presence of the Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel Collective and Leighton Pierce

⚡ 17:00 CET: I ran away, in the presence of Christian Barani

⚡ 19:00 CET: The double voice, in the presence of Shireen Seno, Anouk De Clercq, Matthias De Groof, Pelumi Adejumo and Effi & Amir

⚡ 21:00 CET: Collective takeover, in the presence of Dora García

Detailed programme: https://www.art-action.org/prog

If you are not in Berlin, watch the livestream from 15:00 CET: https://art-action.org/live

Images: Joëlle Tuerlinckx, ‘‘The Single Screen‘‘ | Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel Collective, ‘‘I May Doze For Millions Of Years‘‘ | Christian Barani, ‘‘Je Me Suis Enfui‘‘ | Wendelien Van Oldenborgh, ‘‘Hier.‘‘ | Dora GarcÍa ‘‘Si Pudiera Desear Algo‘‘

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The must-see event in Paris and Berlin dedicated to contemporary moving images | New cinema and contemporary art