🌈 Day 2, Wednesday 17 August 🌱

Join us today from 12:00 CET at the HKW for the “ecosystem assembly” exhibition, followed by 3 thematic screenings from 17:00 CET🌟

⚡ 12:00 CET : Ecosytem Assembly exhibition

⚡ 17:00 CET : Domestic conspiracies, in the presence of Ekaterina Selenkina
⚡ 19:00 CET : Landscape politics, in the presence of Miranda Pennell, Don Hai Phú and Arjuna Neuman
⚡ 21:00 CET : Post-Society, in the presence of Elijah Winfield, Cal McCormack, Salomé Lamas, Luciana Lopez Schütz and George Drivas

Detailed programme: https://www.art-action.org/prog

If you are not in Berlin, watch the livestream: https://art-action.org/live

Images: Matthew Garrison, ‘‘Nightlife‘‘ | Ekaterina Selenkina, ‘‘Obkhodniye Puti‘‘ | Arjuna Neuman, Denise Ferreira da Silva, ‘‘Soot Breath // Corpus Infinitum‘‘ | George Drivas, ‘‘Aeonium‘‘

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